EFAS was established during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the lack of available, quality personal healthcare products at reasonable prices. Management believes personal health means community health. We strive to provide a full catalogue of high quality, personal care products at reasonable prices.”


EFAS desire to be a key contributor to  
the health and wellness of our global    community. We will do this by providing   desirable, high quality, personal care   products at reasonable prices.


Our mission is to support and provide the
necessary tools to our first-responders and front
line healthcare workers so they can safely care
for our  community. We will also provide the same
high quality products to the global community at affordable prices. Personal health means
community health.


EFAS was founded on the principles of ethical business practices. Its founding was largely based on the mission of the International Economic Justice League ( to abate corruption and promote ethical business practices. Consistent with these core values, is our requirement to provide the highest quality products are reasonable prices.